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Открыто Форекс.ментор.Лондон - прибыльных сделок под 94% с 2010...

Тема в разделе "Форекс и инвестиции", создана пользователем Менеджер, 11 мар 2016.


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1. Anni
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    1. 11 мар 2016
      Менеджер Организатор Организатор

      Форекс.ментор.Лондон - прибыльных сделок под 94% с 2010...

      Предлагаю взять для перевода любопытную торговую стратегию одной бабушки для форекс. Точность сделок уже под 94% с 2010 года. Сделано 42,141 Pips с января 2010. Раньше скачивал этот курс с торрента давно, но продается его обновленная версия. Я думаю стоит брать оригинал с сайта за 199$ на перевод.

      Бабушка Shirley Hudson делает форекс покруче любого профессионального трейдера. С января 2010, Shirley сделала 42,141 пипсов , используя свою простую стратегию. Из всего 2245 трейдов, 2107 были в плюсе, 84 были закрыты без убытка и только 54 трейдов зыкрыты с потерями! Это невероятные 94% winning ratio со средней сделкой 20 пипсов прибыли на трейд! Risk Ratio - 1.56

      Тут в общем содержание курса на английском:

      Recently, Shirley Hudson and I will co-hosted a live training class during which time we spent 3 hours going over the London Close Trade Strategy step-by-step with 300+ guests. Watch the preview here. The exact same strategy that Shirley used to generate these incredible results was revealed in detail. We showed traders how they can implement this strategy in their own trading. The full recording to the event is now made into a complete video course.

      Here's what you will learn in the London Close Trading Course:

      • The Theory behind the London Close Trade (LCT)
      • The London Close Set Up
      • Trade Entry Explained
      • Setting the Stop Loss
      • Profit Targets and Trade Management
      • Setting Up Your Trading Day
      • Tips & Tricks
      • Questions and Answers
      The London Close Trade Strategy is for you if you are:

      • Wishing to participate more actively in the markets on a daily basis.
      • A longer term, or swing trader, who would like to make additional profits while waiting for longer time frame set ups to occur.
      • Only wanting to trade a few hours a day.
      • VERY high accuracy (90+%), providing a nice psychological boost to struggling traders..
      • Strategy based on a proven, REAL track record. No need to re-invent the wheel!
      • Frequent trades, so more opportunities to bank pips.
      • A very time specific trade, so no need to be in front of your computer for long hours
      • Very well defined parameters, making the system quite objective
      • A great way to add trades to your existing longer term strategy
      To make sure you have all the prerequisite knowledge and post webinar support, we are offering the following companion resources to all webinar attendees.

      Companion Resource #1: "How to Trade Forex Using Support and Resistance". This is Vic Noble's very popular course on reading key levels in the market. You'll need this information in order to trade the London Close set up most effectively.
      Companion Resource #2: "The Noble Entry Technique" This is a video course that demonstrates how to enter trades for potentially big moves using extremely small risk. Shirley will tell you that this was the entry technique that made the London Close strategy possible.
      To absolutely make sure that you are getting the best follow-up support possible, we are offering these additional bonuses to all members of this program.

      Bonus Resource #1: Shirley and Vic wants you to have a full understanding of how to look for and manage LCT trades. They have recorded 70 trading examples during live trading environment so you can see how it's done in real time. These videos will help to cement the concepts so that they become second nature to you.
      Bonus Resource #2 (Limited Time Offer): Shirley publishes a daily summary video to show all the trades she takes using this strategy. It also provides with the average daily range (ADR) numbers for the upcoming London Close trading session. The

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      is a separate post-training mentoring service but you will receive a one-month free access to this service. Value: $57
      Bonus Resource #3: Access to several Q & A sessions with Vic and Shirley. In these sessions, Vic and/or Shirley answer common questions about the London Close Trade.
      Bonus Resource #4: A detailed video recording by Shirley showing ADVANCED strategies for loss mitigation and/or additional profits. With this advanced strategy, Shirley shows her strategy for turning losing trades into winning ones. This strategy is included with your purchase.

      Стоимость: 199$


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    2. 6 авг 2017
      Anni Складчик Складчик
      А грамотный переводчик уже есть?
    3. 9 авг 2017
      Homer Супермодератор Супер-модератор
      К сожалению тут ещё нету организатора

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