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Открыто Фундаментальное руководство по ментализму и гипнозу

Тема в разделе "Переводы курсов", создана пользователем Менеджер, 14 июн 2016.


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    1. 14 июн 2016
      Менеджер Организатор Организатор

      Фундаментальное руководство по ментализму и гипнозу

      Jerome Finley - Thought Veil

      It`s been awhile, gang!
      I`ve been happy and busy at work, and as promised, have completed my long awaited `Thought Veil.` Smile This complete course has been over a year in the making and is finished at last. I know those of you who purchase it will all love, enjoy and cherish this book!
      My apologies in advance for the lengthy ad copy, I want potential buyers to be well informed... This information will appear shortly on my `Performer`s Only` page, but I thought I`d be a mate and give some of you something to cry and flame about in the meantime. Smile BUMP MY THREAD! Smile
      (I make no apologies for being a business-minded person and quite frankly, I`ve produced a little masterpiece with `Thought Veil.` I DO pay for advertising here at the Café still and while I no longer frequent these boards I thought `Oh, what the hell!` and decided to use some of this valuable, green real estate to my advantage, AND yours.)
      This will be a hard cover, professionally bound book. It`s in the process of being edited as I type this and all purchasers will receive a DVD compilation of multiple LIVE performances with this material.
      Interested parties may contact me here via PM or email me.
      `Thought Veil` is based on over a decade of real world experience, 2,500 + hours of professional hypnosis instruction and hundreds of live shows and therapy sessions. `Thought Veil` promises to make its mark as one of the most comprehensive hypnosis courses available and was created specifically for the professional working mentalist.
      This complete course is suitable for beginning students and the Advanced Hypnotist alike. This course comes in 5 complete sections (hardbound in one volume).
      Part I Persuasion and Influence Techniques for the Mentalist.
      This dynamic introduction to `Thought Veil` is a complete persuasion, seduction and influence course. Together we approach NLP, suggestion, persuasion and influence technologies from a raw and experiential point of view. There is very little theory discussed here and all the information contained herein is based on Jerome`s decade of professional experience and expertise with these intriguing systems and captivating modalities.
      Topics & Lessons include
      Body Language
      Eye Movements
      Breathing Patterns
      Language Patterns
      Sensory Acuity
      Eliciting Criteria
      Eliciting Core Beliefs and Values
      Creating Instant Rapport
      16 types of Suggestions
      24 of the most powerful words in the English language
      The 21 most dangerous words; how to use them and how NOT to use them
      Time Released Suggestions
      Pacing and Leading
      Embedded Commands
      Phonological Ambiguities
      Implied Cause and Effect
      Double Binds
      Hidden Double Binds
      Hidden Directives
      Using Quotes
      VAK modalities
      Reversals and Double Reversals
      Protection against suggestion
      Waking Hypnosis
      Seduction, Persuasion and Influence
      A step-by-step guide to using the techniques behind NLP, suggestion and persuasion in magic, mentalism and hypnosis!
      12 years ago I spent over 400 classroom hours and nearly $5,000.00 to learn the information and techniques I`m now teaching you here in Part I of my course.
      Everything I know regarding these tools and how to use them in everyday life, magic, mentalism and hypnosis performances, therapy, sales and dating provides the opening lessons, groundwork and underlying foundation for my original `Thought Veil` course and manual.
      Part II Hypnosis 101.
      The Hypnosis 101 `Thought Veil` section was created with the beginning hypnotist in mind. This section deals with all the basics and everything you want and need to know to create a long and fulfilling career based on the art and science of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
      Topics & Lessons include
      A complete introduction to Hypnosis
      The History and Nature of Hypnosis
      The Nature of the Conscious and Subconscious Mind
      20 Types of Suggestions
      States of Being
      Belief Systems
      Developing Rapport
      Suggestibility Testing
      The 7 Rules of the Mind
      The Pre-Induction Interview
      Pre/Post Hypnotic Suggestions
      Establishing Goals
      Semantics of Trance
      The 5 Laws of Suggestibility
      Self Hypnosis
      Sleep Hypnosis
      Waking Hypnosis
      Instantaneous and Mass Hypnosis
      10 Regressions and Techniques
      Laws and Ethics
      Developing the Hypnotic Coma
      Handling Resistance
      Dangers of Hypnosis
      15 Hypnotic Inductions
      This basic course provides the `Thought Veil` student with a solid working knowledge of hypnosis, therapy, suggestion and the tools necessary to proceed with confidence to the Intermediate Course and 3rd section of my manual.
      PART III Intermediate Hypnosis Training, Hypnosis 201.
      After we`ve established the ground rules, guide lines and rock solid foundation through `Hypnosis 101` this Intermediate Course instills powerful and transformative tools, techniques, inductions, processes and engaging therapeutic models for the advancing hypnotist.
      Topics & Lessons include
      Illusions and Hallucinations
      Analgesia and Anesthesia
      Removing Suggestions
      Creating Amnesia
      The Ideometer Response and Muscle Testing
      Hypnotic States
      Advanced Hypnosis Methods and Techniques
      Producing Somnambulism
      Gestalt Hypnosis
      A deeper understanding of NLP
      Fear & Phobias
      Smoking Cessation
      Weight Loss and Weight Control
      Transformational Hypnotherapy
      Inner Child Working
      Parts Therapy
      Transaction Analysis (A, P, C)
      Dream Analysis and Archetype Interpretation
      Handling Co-dependency
      As a bonus, in this section my signature scripts and techniques are combined with the actual transcripts from LIVE sessions to give the working hypnotist various powerful and potent tools for use in personal work and self care, positive programming sessions with clients and a professional marketing plan to start your own hypnosis or hypnotherapy business.
      Topics & Lessons include
      Compulsive Behavior
      Personal Disorders
      Sub Personalities and MPD
      Spiritual Clearing
      Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
      Multi Level Communication
      Past Life Regressions and PLR Therapy
      Future Progression
      Emotional & Physical Suggestibility
      Cycles of Life
      Mastermind Hypnotherapy
      Inner Guides and the Group Mind
      Fundamentals of the Paranormal
      Beyond the above topics, lessons, essays and instruction the ADVANCED section of this course includes a detailed breakdown of the psychology behind Jean Houston and Robert Masters epic `Mind Games.` This section includes NEW `Mind Games` which showcase cloud busting, spoon bending, group hypnosis and other `Inner Space` type feats in ways never seen before.
      Part V - The Final Frontier
      This last portion of `Thought Veil` is dedicated to entertainment with hypnosis.
      Topics & Lessons include:
      * Jerome`s take on Orville Meyer`s `Telepathy in Action.`
      This full length IMPROMPTU demonstration showcases the powers of the human mind in a dynamic and highly entertaining fashion. After learning the act in this section `Thought Veil` students will be able to provide audiences of ANY SIZE with a full scale show which requires no preparation, no stooges, no gaffs or gimmicks and takes Orville`s original masterpiece to an entirely new level.
      This act has been updated, modified and enhanced for contemporary performers and it WILL make you a solid reputation! I`m holding nothing back here folks this act includes all of my original skits, variations and demonstrations, my full scripts, what to do if problems occur and how to begin using this material immediately and with greater success than ever before.
      * Jerome`s SOLD OUT Hypnosis show outline, scripts and musical score.
      Here I`m giving purchasers of `Thought Veil` the very formula to my initial success. This includes the show and outline I performed professionally for over 6 years. Your purchase includes full and uninhibited performance rights to my signature act.
      This is the very same show I used to sell out venues numbering in the THOUSANDS.
      I`ve received more standing ovations for this show than any other I`ve performed and was booked repeatedly based on its strength, ability to entertain and perfect structure. Now YOU can have a tried and true, professional hypnosis show that will devastate audiences everywhere.
      With this show I took an empty theatre and starting audience of 30 people and within 6 weeks was selling out the venue. We had to be placed in a larger theatre to accommodate all the people attending, and they came week after week after week. At the end of my initial 12 month contract I was routinely selling out shows to audiences of 1,200-1,500 people and was brought on for a second year contract immediately.
      I`ve performed this show during the 2002 Winter Olympics, at various `First Night` events and on tour throughout the United States. It was the single largest staple of my performing career and my bread and butter show for many years.
      It`s not just a good show, it`s a GREAT show!
      No external props or gimmicks are used. You simply arrive at the venue 30 minutes before show time with a CD of your music and are ready to rock the house!
      * 3 `Master Class` routines utilizing suggestion and my trademark `Thought Veil` techniques. I`ve never released these 3 psychological/hypnotic tools in any way, shape or form. I owe a gigantic portion of my success and effectiveness to these three `pet` tools I created over years and years of use and practical experience with hypnosis, NLP, suggestion, social engineering, compliance techniques, persuasion and influence technologies.
      These tools are practically guaranteed to transform the way you perform and will allow you to garner stronger, deeper reactions than ever before. They can be used in conjunction with ANY piece of magic, mentalism or hypnosis to make everything you do many times more effective.

      От себя:
      ребята, это совершенно ДРУГОЙ УРОВЕНЬ. Книга стоит каждого слова и продавалась только своим, пока е не слили в сеть. Все секреты и трюки, о которых остальные молчат.
      Как продолжение и дополнение - https://www.skladchik.biz/threads/Руководство-по-ментализму-и-гипнозу.120525/unread


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