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Открыто Игорь Ледоховский - Семинар "Как практиковать гипноз...

Тема в разделе "Переводы курсов", создана пользователем Менеджер, 24 янв 2016.


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    1. 24 янв 2016

      Менеджер Член клуба Член клуба

      Игорь Ледоховский - Семинар "Как практиковать гипноз...

      How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear
      Igor Ledochowski

      Продолжительность - около 3 с половиной часов

      Just try the secrets I use to turn timid hypnotists into confident winners and you'll be amazed!

      If you want to transform yourself into a bold hypnotist with the power to walk up to anyone and put them in trance without breaking a sweat…
      While removing all your self-doubt, anxiety and worry about performing hypnosis like a seasoned pro (even if you're a total newbie)…
      You'd do well to learn from someone who has conquered HIS personal fears and… built a coaching business… a hypnotherapy business… and an international training organization teaching thousands the art and science of hypnosis for over a decade.

      Now, for the first time ever, you can discover my secrets for crushing every emotional obstacle and fear of practicing hypnosis out of your life as fast as humanly possible.

      When I started hypnosis, I was terrified of asking others to help me practice new skills.
      Back then, I was a self-described hypnosis "info-junky."
      Like you, I read the books. Listened to the audio presentations. And studied hypnosis like a man possessed.
      I practiced in my room in front of the mirror. Yet, when it came time to "pull the trigger"… to actually find people to hypnotize… I cowered in fear.
      You could say I was a "closet hypnotist."

      What was I afraid of?

      I feared failure. Maybe I'd choke. Maybe inductions would not work. The possibility of screwing up turned me into a nervous mess. Because I lacked confidence despite shelling out a small fortune on training.
      I feared rejection. Getting shot down by potential volunteers. I shook in my boots when approaching people. Because I was clueless about how to entice willing subjects to help me out.
      I feared everything. Because hypnosis was a new skill and I demanded perfection from from myself. The pressure was almost too much to bear.
      Most of all, shame jabbed at me.
      After all the books, courses and seminars I still held back. Hesitant to try my skills out. Because fear froze me in place. I almost gave up.
      But I didn't quit.
      I kept at it with dogged determination and now…

      I know how almost anyone can become a confident hypnotist in 21 days or less guaranteed!

      I'm living proof.

      Stumbling upon these secrets totally changed my life:

      Before… my stomach turned to ice at the idea of practicing with another person. After… nothing held me back from engaging participants at the drop of a hat!
      Before… hypnosis felt like a chore I resisted with all my might. After… I learned to have fun playing around with this wonderful skill.
      Before… terror held me in suspense when it came time to put a subject in trance. After… the weight of the world was off my shoulders so hypnosis became a cinch.
      Before… convincing people to practice on them was like pulling teeth. After… I was swamped with too many prospects chomping at the bit.

      Look, if hypnosis is no longer easy and fun…

      … if you become a "basket case" when it comes to asking volunteers… if you panic at the idea of messing up inductions… if you use scripts like a security blanket… don't worry about it.
      I know how you feel… because… I've been in your shoes.

      More important, I've discovered certain strategies proven to…

      Banish the fear of doing hypnosis quickly and forever!
      Make hypnosis enjoyable again. Maybe for the first time!
      Eliminate performance anxiety and pressure!
      Guarantee you practice hypnosis naturally with anyone!
      Attract swarms of eager subjects like bees to honey!
      Train subjects to be responsive to hypnotic suggestions!
      Allow for successful sessions every time!

      Перевод: субтитры + полный транскрипт
      Переводчик: ТС и его команда
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