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Открыто Ironman. Triathlon тренировочный план - Начинающий: 4.5 до 14.25...

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    1. 27 дек 2015
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      Ironman. Triathlon тренировочный план - Начинающий: 4.5 до 14.25...

      Материал на английском языке, но начального уровня думаю вполне хватит

      Gale Bernhardt

      Triathlon тренировочный план - Начинающий: 4.5 до 14.25 час/нед.

      Wow, I wish I could be an ironman—I mean, just finish the event. I’d be happy to step across that awesome line and receive a finisher’s medal around my neck. (Big sigh.) I’ve got too much going on in my life to think about an ironman distance event and I’m not good enough. I mean, those folks have a training schedule that looks like a part-time job, swim like speed boats, ride a bike at Mach 1 for 112 miles and then run an entire marathon looking like the Roadrunner dancing away from Wiley Coyote. There is no way I’ll ever have enough time or speed—even in my wildest dreams. Finishing an ironman distance event is out of my reach… If the words above read as though they came from your personal thought-bubble, I disagree with you. There is a common misperception that in order to complete an ironman distance event, one must train 20 to 30 hours per week and average speeds that few athletes can accomplish. To comfortably complete an ironman distance event, 20 to 30 hours per week of training is simply not necessary. The average speed needed is not that of The Roadrunner. So, what does it take? For race day, if you estimate it is possible to swim 2.4 miles at a pace of 2’50” per 100 yards (2:00 swim time), ride 112 miles averaging 15.7 miles per hour (7:08 bike time), run or run/walk 26.2 miles at a 12’47” pace per mile (5:38 marathon time) and add about 30 minutes in for transitions, these times make it possible to finish an ironman race in 15:16. That gives you 1:44 of “reserve” time for unforeseen problems. Ironman is possible. This 16-week plan begins with Week 1 between 5:30 and 6:30 total training time. The long run begins at 1:00 and the long ride between 1:30 and 2:00. (See the plan preview.) The plan builds fitness so you swim 1:30, run about 3:00 and ride about 6:00 on the weekend of Week 12. The total training for Week 12 is between 13:15 and 14:15. Yes, that amount of training is enough. After Week 12, a few weeks of tapering volume has you rested and ready to go on race day.
      Гейл Бернард (Gale Bernhardt) была тренером мужской и женской американских команд по триатлону на Пан-Американских Играх в 2003 году и на олимпиаде 2004. Свою карьеру она начинала как персональный тренер по велоспорту на олимпийских играх в Сиднее в 2000 году. Тысячи атлетов успешно тренируются и выступают используя замечательные планы тренировок от Гейл.
      Sample Workouts:
      Workout #1: Other
      Hello and thank you for choosing one of my professionally designed training plans to help you reach your athletic goals. My plans are structured to build your overall fitness, endurance, muscular endurance (the ability to swim, ride or run at race pace) and economy (the oxygen consumption required for a given pace.) The plan is designed to help you along the training process so you can successfully cross the finish line and meet your goal. The training plans have been tried and tested by athletes around the world with high levels of success. I want you to be successful too.

      Workout #2: Strength

      Planned Time: 1:00:00

      Warm up aerobically, running or cycling for 10-20 minutes, then complete 2-3 sets x 15-20 repetitions (reps) of the designated exercises using a light to moderate weight.

      Workout #3: Swim

      Planned Time: 0:30:00

      The main set will be mostly aerobic work; however a good deal of form work is included at the beginning or the end of the workout. For this workout, speed is less important than good form. Some coaches refer to this as drill work. Neuromuscular training is important during the drill segment. (Can select a Workouts in a Binder card E(Form). )

      Workout #4: Run

      Planned Time: 0:30:00

      Run a flat to gently rolling course in heart rate Zones 1 to 2. No need to "push" Zone 2. Within the run, check leg speed a few times by counting your left foot strikes for 15 seconds. The total should be 21 or more.

      Workout #5: Bike

      Planned Time: 0:30:00

      Ride in Zones 1-2 on a flat to gently rolling course at 90+ rpm. If you're unable to spin 90+ rpm coast and recover until you can.

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