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Открыто Lucinda Basset Люсинда Бассет (паническая атака, агорафобия,...

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    1. 17 июл 2014

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      Lucinda Basset Люсинда Бассет (паническая атака, агорафобия,...

      Lucinda Bassett's Attacking Anxiety & Depression Multimedia CD – January 1, 2006
      Includes 15 Audio Lessons on CD and 3 Coaching lessons on DVD. This item sells for about 00 on the Midwest Center for Anxiety and Depression website. There's a healthy way of living everyday that will give you more energy a much happier positive attitude and make your life a lot more fun. Stop feeling tired, depressed and overwhelmed Take control of your anxeity and depression Conquer your fears Feel good and have peace of mind Stop making excuses for why you feel bad Live your life the way you want to

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      Attacking Anxiety and Depression
      With step-by-step direction, Lucinda Bassett helps you recognize what drives your anxiety and depression, and provides techniques you can use to cope and move forward with your life.

      Structured like an enlightening 15-week course, each audio session allows you to listen and review each lesson with the corresponding workbook chapter and carry-along card. You will find that each session builds on the previous one and will help you address both the symptoms of anxiety and depression and the underlying causes.

      Audio Session Overview
      Session 1—Introduction: Gain an understanding of the causes of anxiety and depression as well as some of the background traits, personality traits, and physical symptoms.

      Session 2—Panic Attacks: Discover 6 simple steps designed to dramatically change the life of anyone who suffers from the debilitating effects of anxiety and panic attacks.

      Session 3—Self Talk: Learn how to comfort yourself, encourage yourself, and like yourself. This session is chock-full of POWERFUL tools for taking charge and changing your life for the better.

      Session 4—Expectations: Learn how to have realistic, reasonable expectations and be happier than you’ve ever been before.

      Session 5—Diet and Exercise: Did you know what you eat and drink dramatically affects how you feel? Or that a simple daily exercise routine can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression? Learn how to calm yourself and feel more energetic through diet and exercise.

      Session 6—Anger & Mood Control: You can get EXACTLY what you want out of most any situation if you only think before you react. After building these skills, your anger will work FOR you instead of against you.

      Session 7—Assertiveness: Respect yourself enough to stand up for yourself, your feelings, concerns,, opinions and ask for what you want. Also, learn how to say “no” without feeling guilty.

      Session 8—What-If Thinking: Is your day fraught with worry about something that may (or may not) happen? Stop imagining and anticipating the worst and learn the amazing rewards of living in the moment.

      Session 9—Guilt and Worry: Are you needlessly dragging around a one-ton bag of guilt and worry? Here are some techniques that help reduce guilt and worry in your life to produce dramatic, immediate changes.

      Session 10—Scary Thoughts: Are obsessive scary thoughts ruling your life? Do these thoughts seem beyond your control? Here’s how you can quickly address them and begin to feel better.

      Session 11—Medication and Alcohol: Gain an understanding of the various types of medications so you can make informed decisions on your long-term care. Discover how self-medicating with food, alcohol or other substances can mask some problems and create others.

      Session 12—Change: This session shows you the powerful, positive effects change can have in your life—if only we learn to embrace it, not resist it. You will also learn how to cope with the discomfort that often comes with change

      Session 13—Time Management: Do you often feel frazzled and out of control with too much to do and not enough time to do it? Learn how to bring order back into your life by making reasonable action plans, stop over-scheduling, and become comfortable with asking for help when you need it.

      Session 14—Stress Management: Stress can keep you down. Stress can also help you create. Learn to make stress a positive force in your life.

      Session 15—Set Backs: Don’t let a setback discourage you, face the challenge and come out stronger for it. You will learn to accept that healthy thinking and reacting is part of a life-long commitment to being your best. Celebrate your successes and be open to all of new opportunities that are about to come into your life.

      The Attacking Anxiety and Depression program was enhanced and customized for exclusive self-help, home study use, and has been utilized by over 1 million people worldwide. It is now also used in hospitals, clinics, HMO’s and by a nationwide network of psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists to help sufferers conquer their anxiety and depression.

      From chronic stress, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, severe anxiety and agoraphobia, and even depression – Attacking Anxiety and Depression can help you take control and enjoy life again by opening your eyes to your true potential, helping you to grow into the strong, confident, and resilient person you have the potential to become.

      Order your copy of Attacking Anxiety and Depression today by calling 1-855-520-HEAL (4325).