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Открыто (PHP) Конструктор/Аналитика Форм: Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and...

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  1. 18 июн 2016
    Менеджер Организатор Организатор

    (PHP) Конструктор/Аналитика Форм: Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and...

    Уникальный конструктор форм, разработанный по framework -Bootstrap и Yii Php (современные платформы).
    Поэтому скрипт делает полностью адаптивные формы.
    Огромное кол-во настроек, свои стили а так же темы оформления.

    Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

    Скрипт выдает код для вставки на любой сайт.
    При этом сразу же вы получаете сразу аналитические данные формы.
    Так же форма позволяет прописывать свои условия валидности.

    • Form Builder
      • Build any type of online forms: Contact forms, Order forms, Registration forms, Online surveys, Trivias and more.
      • Drag-and-drop your form elements to rearrange them. No coding skills required.
      • W3C-valid HTML5 Fields
      • Built-in support for users on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
      • Create Multi-Step Forms
      • Add friendly hints and placeholders, making your forms easier and friendlier to fill out.
      • Set a default value for certain fields. They’ll be submitted if the visitor doesn’t change them.
      • Allow users to upload files
      • Accept any file type
      • Optionally limit the size or type of file you want
      • Add advanced field validation
      • Write your very own field validation rules using regular expressions
      • Embed images, videos and maps
      • Include Google reCAPTCHA in your forms
      • Multiple reCAPTCHA theme options.
      • Smart reCAPTCHA. Save the correct answer of a user. So, he don’t have to fill it again.
      • Bootstrap CSS Support
      • Set the positioning of your field labels across your form.
      • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons can have images or icons
    • Form Manager
      • Use a unique URL to easily share/link a full-page form.
      • Share frienly links to your forms
      • Easily embed your form in your website, blog, shop—wherever you want it! No extra programming needed – just copy our code.
      • Multiple embedding options and formats.
      • Add a custom confirmation message or redirect to another website
      • Load external javascript file
      • Anti – Spam Protection (HoneyPot Technique)
      • Limit Submission per Time Period
      • Limit Submission by IP
      • Auto-deactivation by dates
      • Implement Save form & resume later
      • Forms with Password Protection
    • Themes & Templates
      • Customize your forms’ branding.
      • Theme & Template Managers
      • Advanced CSS Editor with Form Live Preview
      • Easy integration with the forms
      • Template Promotion and Categories
      • Comes with +10 pro-level themes
      • Templates for event registration, contact forms, customer surveys, trivias, RSVPs, and more.
    • Notifications
      • Send Instant Notifications
      • Be notified by email every time a form is submitted.
      • Send confirmation messages (Email Auto-Responder)
      • Send your customer a fully customizable email upon form submission. You can include data they entered in the message, too.
      • Set up multiple recipients
      • HTML / Plain Text Email
      • File Attachment if your form has file upload fields
      • Supply a custom “From” address for auto-response messages
      • Use PHP mail() function
      • Support for PHP SMTP Authentication. (Use your own SMTP mail server)
      • Redirect your visitor to a specific URL after form submission.
      • Send your submissions to another application or script
      • Show your visitors or customer a custom message after submission.
    • Rule Builder
      • Create the conditional logic easily, no coding knowledge required.
      • Intuitive interface
      • Multiple rules, conditions and actions
      • Show / Hide Fields
      • Enable / Disable Fields
      • Copy values from one field to another
      • Perform math operations
      • Format numbers to look like currency, percentages, times… easily
      • Skip steps of multi step forms
    • Submission Manager
      • Advanced Submission Grid
      • Alert new submissions
      • View submission details
      • View sender information (Google Map included)
      • Edit and Delete each submission
      • Export submissions
      • Print form submissions
    • Report Builder
      • Build reports on form submission
      • Use Row, Bar, Donut and Pie charts
      • Move & Resize any chart
      • Interact with your charts with one click
    • Form Analytics
      • Get an instant overview of form stats, including conversion rates.
      • See how many people looked at your form.
      • Know how many visits are made before your users send the form
      • Improve the form and increase conversion rate
      • Form Performance report
      • Submissions Analytics report
      • Track how many people started filling out your form.
      • See the number of submissions for every form, in one single view!
      • Disable form tracking on the fly
    • User Management
      • User Registration: Your users can register and create their own forms
      • Login without password: Your users can test the application only with their email. After, they can create their own username and password
      • Use captcha in your registration forms
      • Set the default user role when a new user is registered
      • User Roles: Admin, Advaced User and Basic User
      • The “Advanced User” is able to create and manage his own forms and themes
      • The “Admin” can grant access of each Form to each “Basic User”
      • All users can be suspended
      • Profiles
      • Login by email or username
      • Email confirmation
      • Password recovery
    • Add-ons
      • Google Analytics: Track your visitors in Google Analytics
      • Webhooks: Send submissions to another server
    • Multi Language
      • English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Indonesian languages
      • You can translate all the application to other languages easily
      • You can set up each form to use a different language
      • The user has the ability to change and select default language for his user account
    • Other
      • Responsive Design
      • Based on Bootstrap 3 and Yii 2
      • Glyphicons PRO 1.9.2

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