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[php script] BeDrive - продвинутое облачное хранилище

Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем Менеджер, 1 сен 2015.


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    1. 1 сен 2015
      Менеджер Организатор Организатор

      [php script] BeDrive - продвинутое облачное хранилище

      • Easy Installation – Install BeDrive easily with no coding or server knowledge in a few minutes with our easy to use installer and documentation.
      • Single Page – BeDrive is a single page (ajax based) application, which means it has no browser page refreshes when navigating trough the application.
      • Translatable – BeDrive is fully translation ready. All you need to do is translate key – value pairs in a simple text file.
      • Responsive – BeDrive is fully responsive and will work on desktop and touch devices.
      • File Previews – Preview multiple file types including audio, video, text, pdf, zip and images right in the browser without the need to download the file.
      • Amazon S3, Rackspace, Dropbox – Easily switch between using your servers hard drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace or Dropbox for file storage.
      • Documentation – BeDrive comes with in depth documentation that explains everything from installation to all the features.
      • HTML5 Multi File Upload – Files are uploaded using modern HTML5, it supports multiple file uploads, chunked uploads (meaning large files will not time out your server), resumable uploads and live upload progress panel.
      • User System – Fully featured users system with social login(facebook, twitter and google), normal login, registration, password recovery, account settings and more.
      • Links – Easily share file links via social services like facebook and twitter, send them via email right from dashboard so people without your site account can easily preview them, protect them with a password if needed.
      • Disable Registration – Registration can be fully disabled from admin panel so only users you create manually from admin panel will be able to login.
      • Grid and List views – Both grid and list views are available and freely switchable by the user so they can select the one they prefer more.
      • Ads – 6 integrated ad spots. All you need to do is paste your ad codes in admin area and BeDrive will do the rest.
      • Professional Design- Impress your users with a pixel-perfect professional design based on google material design.
      • Settings- There are many settings that allow you to customize the site to your needs, including maximum allowed, file size, simult uploads, file format whitelist and blacklist, maximum space for each user and more.
      • Analytics – Google analytics are integrated right into admin area so you don’t need to open a separate page to see how your site is doing.
      • Multiple Homepages – Choose between multiple homepages including landing page, login page or your own custom html page.
      • Payments system – BeDrive comes with integrated subscription system that allows you to effortlessly offer your users plans that wth different amount of space (fully configurable by you), this system can be completely disabled as well if you prefer.
      • Drag and Drop – BeDrive has a near desktop drag and drop experience, including selecting multiple items by dragging a box with a mouse, dragging items to a different folder/trash, uploading items by dragging them onto the site and more.
      • Context Menu – Fully integrated context menu (right click on file or folder) is available with all the actions you’d expect like delete, copy, share, move, rename, get link and more. This menu can be accessed from navigation bar as well on touch based devices.
      • Trash – Deleted items will first be moved to trash so they can be restored later.
      • Favorites – Favorite files or folders so you can find them easily from favorites page later.
      • Search – Powerful search will find files and folders that are at any level of depth.
      • Recent Activity – Panel on the right will display any activity that occurred recently in active folder, include file uploads, deletion, favorite and more.

      • PHP >= 5.4
      • MCrypt PHP Extension
      • PDO Extension (enabled by default)
      • php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default)
      • MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.

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