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Открыто Shadowing with Shayna (New Course)

Тема в разделе "Иностранные языки", создана пользователем Менеджер, 21 янв 2016.


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    1. 21 янв 2016

      Менеджер Организатор Организатор

      Shadowing with Shayna (New Course)

      Shadowing with Shayna

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      Speak English clearly, correctly, & confidently!
      “My pronunciation improved fast, and I’m feeling more confident.
      Everybody noticed my performance.” ~ Márcia


      Did you know that one of the FIRST things other people notice about your English is your pronunciation?

      People often make instant assumptions about the level of your English, based on how good (or bad) your pronunciation is.

      If you make a lot of pronunciation mistakes – or if you just have a strong accent – then it will be harder for you to communicate.

      Even if you have good grammar and vocabulary… other people might not know what you’re saying simply because of your pronunciation.

      [​IMG]One of the worst experiences as a language learner (and I’ve experienced this myself!) is when you say something and other people don’t understand you.

      They just look at you in confusion… or they might frown and say, “What?”

      This is VERY embarrassing!

      What’s worse, it makes you lose confidence in your own English. You begin to doubt yourself, and then it will be even more difficult to speak the next time, because you’ll be worrying about whether or not people will understand you.


      Now, imagine yourself speaking English
      clearly, confidently, and correctly.

      Imagine native speakers understanding you perfectly and even complimenting you on your English!

      Does that sound good to you?

      The American English Pronunciation Course and the NEW “Shadowing with Shayna” accent training will help you reach your goal of speaking clear, confident, and correct English.

      In the American English Pronunciation Course, you will learn:

      • All the sounds of American English, with lots of practice exercises
      • How to master the difference between similar sounds, and fix pronunciation errors. It’s important to correct mistakes before they become bad habits!
      • How to make your spoken English more connected, fluid, and natural with lessons on reductions, linking, and intonation.
      At the end of the course, you can also send me speaking samples and get a personal evaluation of your pronunciation – so you can find out exactly how to improve even further.

      The next level of training is a new set of lessons
      called “Shadowing with Shayna.”

      [​IMG]Shadowing is a technique in which you repeat phrases immediately after me, imitating my pronunciation and intonation very closely.

      It’s a great way to reduce your foreign accent and practice speaking more continuously (without so many pauses between words).

      You can “shadow” with any audio recording… but “Shadowing with Shayna” contains 30 lessons that arespecifically designed to help you practice easily and effectively.

      The audio includes pauses for you to repeat after me, and the text on the video shows you exactly where the stressed syllables and words are.

      However, you can get BOTH courses for just $30
      if you register before February 1st!

      Стоимость $30
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