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Открыто Технические вопросы по Javascript на собеседования

Тема в разделе "Электронные книги", создана пользователем Менеджер, 21 апр 2016.


(Основной список пока пуст)

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    1. 21 апр 2016

      Менеджер Организатор Организатор

      Технические вопросы по Javascript на собеседования


      Неочевидные вопросы по Javascript для подготовки к техническому собеседованию

      You've applied for that Javascript position you've always dreamed about.

      There is just one hurdle in your way: the technical interview
      You really want that position. You get to play with the coolest new technologies and work with the best people. But you're rightfully worried about the technical interview..

      "So," the interviewer asks you,

      "Can you explain to me why "true" == true returns false? Please explain the steps in detail as well", she continues.

      You quake in your boots. You know about truthy and falsey values, but you don't exactly know why a truthy value would return false. Worse, you need to be able to explain how it happened. If only you had brushed up on your knowledge of Javascript quirks. If only there were a book for such reference. You could have aced this interview.

      Know the Whys and Hows
      The good news is you still can. Like any interviews, you must prepare for your technical interview, especially so for Javascript, since there are many quirks to Javascript. Do you know them all? Why iseval and with frowned upon? Can you explain how variable hoisting happens, step-by-step? In many technical interviews, it is the "why" and "how" questions that kill. Prevent that from happening by preparing yourself. This book is for you. It gives you that deep knowledge required for the harder questions that will inevitably be asked.

      It does not matter if the position you are applying is for a jQuery position, or a Node.js position. Javascript's quirks happen on both server-side and client-side. This book covers the quirks found in the language itself. Unlike most other online resources, this book does not treat you like a dummy. It assumes you know your basics (and you should, since you're a rockstar Javascript developer) and merely cover the trickier parts of Javascript. Here are some of the things this book covers:

      • Why certain Immediately Invoked Function Expressions don't work?
      • Why in some contexts, commas act funnily.
      • Why in some cases newlines act funnily.
      • Why in some cases, Google Chrome appears to support block-level scoping without ES6 syntax
      • Why truthy values are not true, and why falsey values are not false.
      • What is the call expression foo)(
      • And many more!
      If there is a book that will help you prepare for your Javascript interview, it is this one. Written in a conversational style, it helps you relax while conveying the deepest knowledge of Javascript. Exactly the way you would in an interview.

      This book is exactly what you need to ace that interview.

      Изменять состав складчины нельзя по правилам, так что бонусом будет идти
      "WTF, JavaScript! Curse you Eich! Damn you Crockford!! JavaScript is the worst language ever!"
      Ever had those moments when reading someone else's JavaScript code and screamed something like the above? Code that appears to do one thing but actually does something else? Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of JavaScript.

      JavaScript can be a beautiful language - there exists a book about 100 pages on the good parts of JavaScript after all. However it's more often than not more full of warts. The problem is JavaScript does not follow the principle of least surprise. There are JavaScript code out there that can surprise even the most experienced of JavaScript developers - not in a good way, mind. Accidental globals are just the tip of the iceberg.

      If you have ever seen WTF-worthy JavaScript code (and any JavaScript dev worth her salt would have encountered at least one) and wondered wtf is happening, this book is for you.

      If you were surpised with the result of a particular piece of code, and wondered why the results are what they are, this book is for you.

      If you have ever wondered why [0] == 0? Why "true" == true returns false then this book is for you.

      In this book I go through ~12 examples of crazy JavaScript that would make anyone go "WTF??!", examples such as:

      • Why certain Immediately Invoked Function Expressions don't work?
      • Why in some contexts, commas act funnily.
      • Why in some cases newlines act funnily.
      • Why in some cases, Google Chrome appears to support block-level scoping without ES6 syntax
      • Why truthy values are not true, and why falsey values are not false
      • Why is eval evil?
      • What is foo)(
      • And many more
      I go through these examples, and then explain how the examples happen and work, in a step-by-step manner. Then in a tongue-in-cheek manner, suggest ways to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting using said "quirks" of JavaScript. I for one do not actually condone such behaviour. However, all the examples in this book, I have actually seen in real life, and have often cursed the arsehole developers who wrote them. The actual main aim of this book is to help write better code by showing the obvious pitfalls that you may find when debugging other peoples' codes.

      Sometimes, it's not that these developers are intentionally being arseholes. Most times, the code is well-intentioned, but due to the way the language (and/or implementation) works, the results come out unexpectedly. Other times, it is exceedingly intentional, and innocent-looking code can do a lot of (financial) damage. I cover these and more in the book.

      If you want to know more about the content,

      Who this Book Is For
      This book assumes you are already an intermediate-to-advanced frontend or backend Javascript developer, and is considered to be light reading. Early reviews have compared it to a light-hearted Programmng Pearls for Javascript developers. This author thinks it's more like Programming Turds, but okay.

      Current Status
      The book is currently in final editing stages. No more new content will be added in the near future.

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