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Открыто [WP] Energizo | Premium Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme | 3 супер темы в 1 !

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Менеджер, 18 май 2014.


(Основной список пока пуст)

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    Участников: 0/100
    1. 18 май 2014

      Менеджер Организатор Организатор

      [WP] Energizo | Premium Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme | 3 супер темы в 1 !

      Energizo | Premium Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme


      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

        • WordPress 3.9 Tested and Approved
        • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11
        • Sticky header – You can decide about header menu visibility
        • Free & outstanding support for customers
          • Full Documentation
          • FREE Lifetime Updates – get all the new features we add in each future update for free
          • We take pride in offering THE BEST after sales support around. We care about your site as much as you do, and we will help in any possible way
          • Multiple HD video tutorials for easy instruction
          • Once you purchase, you can use our dedicated support forum where we quickly answer your questions
        • Included 37 CSS3 animations
        • WordPress Multi-Site (WPMU) – Tested and Approved
        • Unlimited colors element – Change theme colors using built-in WordPress Customization panel
        • Amazing Google Maps Builder
        • 9 Different Blog Layouts
        • 9 Different Portfolio Layouts
        • 2 Different Portfolio Item Layouts
        • 3 Headers, 6 Fotters
        • Build your site in a simple way. Build your site in a simple way. You get probably the best shortcode mechanism throughout the whole Evanto. Create unlimited layouts, chose from over 36 difrent type of shortcodes. Create layouts with no limitations.
          • Accordion / Toggle – shortcut that is perfect for creating FAQ. Add, delate, modify and switch informations freely. With those options you can decide what card will be parted out by default. Define whether Accordion or Toggle option will be used.
          • Buttons – allows to create buttons that are shortcuts to other websites. Pick style, size and many more parameters.
          • Box – add stylized information blocks. Add, delate, modify order of blocks.
          • Clients – adds block with client list that has been added in clients module.
          • Contact Form – build your own contact form. Define what fields will be availble. Pick type and veryfication method.
          • Divider – This item is creating space between elements.
          • Google Maps – add google maps to website content. Define coordinates on map with use of search engine and magnet markers tool.
          • Last News – adds informations about latest news. Define name of the section, icon and number of elements that will be presented.
          • Member – creates information block about specific person. You have ability to add position, photo, short description. Complete description with links to social media profiles of members.
          • Notification – allows to add message highlighted in specific colour. Notification can have icon and a referring link to other subpage.
          • Promo – block used to highlight specific informations. Very useful when you are creating headlines or to highlight data in table like in pricing table.
          • Quote – Add quotation to your website. Define how it looks.
          • Table – creates tables. Define table style and it`s rows and columns.
          • Tabs – allows to add tabs. To every card you can add headline and description. Add, delate, modify and switch card order freely.
          • Testimonial – add testimonials to your website in Testimonial module.
          • Animation area – This shortode allows you to animate elements used on your page.
          • Code – adds stylized code.
          • Custom List – great tool when you want to present something within the list.
          • Dropcaps – adds Dropcaps to your content.
          • Icons – this is a very useful option for embedding icons into page.
          • Standard audio – adds audo file from media library. Define settings such as autoplay, cover, looping.
          • Gallery – adds gallery to website content. Gallery is build by the elements from „Gallery” module.
          • Soundcloud – this shortcode is used for embedding soundcloud audio files on your page.
          • Stanrad Video – adds video file from media library. Define settings such as autoplay, cover, looping.
          • Vimeo – this shortcode is for embadding vimeo videos on your page.
          • Youtube – this shortcode is for embadding youtube videos on your page.
        • Amazing Wonster Options
          • Change color for each element you see
          • Turn on/off responsive version by one click
          • Change phone & email in header withing seconds
          • Choose between different layouts with one click
          • Use built-in SEO fields
          • Unlimited sidebars
          • Choose fonts for each text on page (you can use Latin, Cyrilic and many other types of font)
          • Built-in translator (translate anything you want on page with our built-in translator)
          • Choose between backgrounds images, colors, etc.
          • Upload logo & favicon in few seconds
          • Blog options support
          • Portfolio options support
          • Custom CSS support
          • and much more
        • New Page Options – For each side there is a number of interesting options to help you affect appearance of the page
          • Show/hide breadcumbs
          • Sidebar position – Decide about the visibility of the sidebar and its position. For each page, you can assign different sidebar.
          • Custom css – You can make quick modifications to the appearance of each page by adding your own CSS code.
          • SEO – manage seo fields for each page.
        • Advanced Portfolio Options
          • Number of columns in portfolio – 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
          • Portfolio item style
          • Default portfolio date format
          • Items order
          • Unregular portfolio style
          • Recent portfolio – On / Off
          • Energizo default Portfolio Thumbnail
          • Show date on portfolio page – On / Off
        • Advanced Blog Options
          • Number of posts per page
          • Unregular blog style – On / Off
          • Number of columns in blog – 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
          • Energizo default Blog Thumbnail
          • Show categories in post – On / Off
          • Show comments – On / Off
          • Show date on blog post – On / Off
          • Default blog date format
          • Show tags in blog posts – On / Off
          • Social media toolbar – On / Off
          • Show author bio – On / Off
          • Pagine arrow – On / Off
        • Advanced Typography Options
          • Use 600+ Google Fonts thar are included or Standard Fonts
          • All font options are controlled in the theme options panel
          • Set different font sizes for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, sidebar, etc
          • Set different colors for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, sidebar, etc
        • Custom 404 – Use the default 404 page or build your own unique version of 404
        • 100% Responsive Theme – and you can easily turn it on or off
        • SEO ready
          • Built-in SEO fields (use them or turn them off)
          • Compatible with plugins like All in One SEO or Yoast
        • Modern search – If you’re a fan of the standard search engine you can change this in the theme options
        • Super Easy Installation & Setup
          • XML file with 3 demo content
        • Child Theme Compatible – includes basic child theme!
        • Advanced Header Optrions
        • Advanced footer Optrions
        • Advanced Breadcrumbs Options
        • Custom Styles
        • Unlimited Sidebars
          • Create and manage unlimited unique sidebars
          • Set sidebars on either side of the page (left or right)
          • Manage all unique sidebars from one interface
        • Amazing Revolution Slider – included
        • Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience
        • Translation Support – translate your website files using PO / MO
        • Includes the Font Awesome icon set, fully integrated
        • Compatible with Many Popular Plugins
        • Unlimited sidebars for pages
        • SEO Base Built-In
        • WPML ready – for all those who need multilingual webs
        • Password protected posts in Blog, Photo Albums, Portfolio, Media
        • Social media iconst
        • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
        • Cool jQuery Enhancements

      Цена: 45+2$
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