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Доступно [WP] Slowave - Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Сталин, 6 окт 2015.


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    1. 6 окт 2015
      Сталин Организатор Организатор

      [WP] Slowave - Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

      Slowave - Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

      Slowave – Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme
      Slowave is a flat and responsive WordPress Theme with a clean and professional design which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose website. Slowave was built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap v3 and it features a beautiful front-end page builder, unlimited colour combinations, full Google fonts integration & font controls.

      Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

      Slowave – Main Features
      Live Composer Page Builder Included ($25 Value!) – The page builder we use in Slowave lets you build your pages on the front end of your site, in real time! Gone are are days of having to save and check the page to see your changes, everything you do takes place right there in the page. Want to start checking out the page builder right now? Click here.

      Brief Video Introduction to the Page Builder

      30+ Custom Page Builder Elements & Counting! – The page builder in Slowave comes packed full of features that are totally customisable, to extend that we’ve hand designed and coded another 30+ element for the page builder, just for Slowave! Full blog feeds, portfolio feeds, carousels, you name it! Best of all, each element is totally customisable, show only certain categories in a page, define margins, background images, everything!

      Parallax Background Image Sections & Video Background Sections – You can set parallax background images on a section by section basis when building your pages, and view the results in real time! Even set full background video sections (.mp4 video) and add an overlay to the video so that you can add text and elements right on top! Anything is possible.

      Ebor Mega Menu Included – Included is our own mega menu extension, build your mega menus just how you would build posts, add content to the post editor, short codes, images, it’s all up to you!

      Revolution Slider Included ($16 Value) – Revolution slider is included with your download, and it even integrates with the front end page builder! Full demo data of our demo slider is also included.

      Custom Logos – Slowave lets you set a custom logo, retina logo, and even a logo for the WP Login screen, all with a few clicks in our beautiful live preview theme options. Even our theme options let you see your theme changes in real time! Want a sneak peek at our theme options? Click here.

      Unlimited Colour Schemes, 600+ Google Fonts, 300+ Background Textures – Slowave gives you full control over the theme colours, using our live preview theme options you can change all the colours in the theme, you’re given total control over the theme fonts, sizes, paddings, margins, you name it! Add to that 18 beautiful background textures ready right there in the theme, and another 300 ready with a simple plugin install. Want a sneak peek at our theme options? Click here.

      One Click Demo Data Installer – With my custom wordpress data importer, your site can be up and running like my demo site in seconds.

      WPML Support – Full multilingual support is baked right into Slowave! Full .po file available for more simple translations also.

      Gravity Forms & Contact Form 7 Support – Slowave is totally ready for Gravity Forms straight out of the box, start building the forms you need straight away. If you’d prefer a free contact form builder, we also support Contact Form 7 in slowave!

      1, 2, 3 or 4 columns footer – It’s all up to you! the theme will respond to how you’re using the footer widgets areas and build the columns with no extra work from you!

      Mailchimp integrated newsletter widget – Our included Mailchimp newsletter widget lets your users sign right up to your mail chimp lists. Integrates with the Mailchimp API so that you can magically have users sign up directly to your chosen list, no extra effort needed!

      WordPress Post Formats Support – Our posts use post formats to produce beautiful layouts depending on what you’re showing. Each with beautiful, easy to use controls to make your content shine!

      Built in sharing – We’ve built beautifully styled sharing buttons right into the theme, share your content with style.

      1000+ Icons – Beautiful, retina ready icons at your disposal, use them all over the theme, they look beautiful on mobile devices too!

      6 Blog Layouts – Grid Blog, Classic Blog, Classic Blog (Alt) and all 3 again with a sidebar. You’ve got 6 different blog layouts to choose from, and with the included page builder, you can even change this on a page by page basis! Want one layout for one category, and other layout for another category, no problem!

      8+ Portfolio Post Type Layouts – Pick a post format, pick a post layout, mix and match to make a portfolio post that truly suits your content. Feature images, gallery, sound cloud, video, anything you need! then let your users share it with our beautiful sharing buttons.

      Full width & boxed layouts – With 1 click switch the theme from a full width, to a boxed version, and then back again. Use the boxed version to show off some beautiful background textures, or use the full width version to really make your content pop!

      Child theme included! – To make life easier I’ve included a basic child theme for you to install. Get your modifications going even faster!

      5* Support, All From the Developer – I run all my own support, so you’re guaranteed a great & quick answer to your theme usage or setup question.

      Key Features

      • WP 4.2+ Ready & 4.3+ ready
      • One Click Demo Install
      • Amazing Front End Page Builder Inlcuded ($25 value)
      • Lightning Fast
      • Fully Localized and Translation Ready
      • Want a sneak peek at our theme options? Click here.
      • Flat design
      • Revolution Slider Included ($16 value)
      • %100 Fully Responsive
      • Twitter Bootstrap 3
      • Box & Full Layout
      • Parallax effect
      • 18 Default Background options, add 300+ with our suggested plugin!
      • 7 Homepage layouts
      • Retina-ready graphics and icons
      • SEO-friendly
      • Fancybox ($19 value)
      • Pricing Table ($4 value)
      • 8 portfolio posts types
      • Filterable portfolio
      • Google Fonts
      • Rich styling options
      • Contact form 7 ready
      • Gravity Forms Ready

      • Help documentation

      • jQuery enhanced
      • Cross browser compatibility
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