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[WP] Video Blоgster Pro

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Сталин, 6 окт 2015.


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1. Сталин
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    Участников: 1/15
    1. 6 окт 2015
      Сталин Организатор Организатор

      [WP] Video Blоgster Pro

      Video Blogster Pro - import YouTube, DailyMotion, Hulu, SoundCloud, Vimeo into WordPress

      Full Autoblogging Solution
      • Add an unlimited number of video feeds to automatically create new content.
      • Each video is imported as a new post – title, description, author, category, views, ratings, tags, comments, etc are available. Great for SEO!
      • Scheduler will automatically keep fetching fresh content from multiple video feeds.
      • Videos are embedded on your site – no streaming bandwidth costs.
      • Your site will continuously update with or without you!
      • Numerous options for maximum flexibility.
      • The scheduler will automatically find and flag posts with embedded videos that have been removed from the original site. Surfers never need to see a blank video player. What other auto-blogger has this?
      Quick Content Importer
      • Curate tons of specific content related to your site niche.
      • Fetch new videos immediately and fill out the site with the click of the submit button.
      • New posts will have all the video details you require – just edit as you like and publish!
      • Does all the hard work automatically – no need to manually search sites for video content and copy into your post.
      Easy to Use
      • Set up and options are straightforward and easy to understand.
      • No script knowledge needed.
      • Native support for all WordPress oEmbed players.
      • Can also support any installed video player with direct shortcode support like
        • YouTube Embed Plus
        • Jw Player
        • FV WordPress Player
        • video.js
        • mbYTPlayer
        • ... and more
      Extensive Query Options
      • Grab videos from a specific user, channel, group, playlist or video ID.
      • Grab videos using search with multiple keyphrases.
      • Filter search by category.
      • Filter search by video duration.
      • Filter search by region Code.
      • Order results by date, relevance, rating, viewCount and more if available.
      Import Details on each Video
      • Imports highest quality video screenshot into the Media Library automatically.
      • Sets the featured post thumbnail automatically.
      • The video title and FULL description is available for the post.
      • Saves video likes, dislikes, views and more if available.
      • Fully compatible with WP-PostViews and WP-PostRatings!
      Import Video Comments
      • Can save video comments too.
      • Great for showing activity on your site!
      Customize Post Title & Content
      • Layout the post however you want using templates.
      • Uses template tags to display video information wherever needed.
      • Allows advertising code such as Google AdSense.
      Advanced Processing
      • Option to skip importing videos with duplicate titles.
      • Strict keyphrase matching option.
      • Set the minimum number of views necessary to import the video.
      • Set the minimum date necessary to import the video.
      • Google translate the video title and description.
      • Option to remove URLs completely from video description and/or comments.
      • Set limits on the video title & description by length or keyphrase.
      • Option to remove unwanted characters from the title.
      • Option to linkify embeddable URLs in the video description and/or comments.
      • Ability to search and replace keyphrases with full spintax support.
      • Fully integrated with the Spin Rewriter plugin to create unique content.
      • Flexible templates for the post title, body and even the imported image filename.
      • Can also parse template spintax like “{Check|Watch} this {awesome|great|amazing} video”.
      • Ability to add new custom fields with any video data.
      • Option to create an excerpt automatically from the video description.
      • Option to import tags from the video right into WordPress.
      SEO Friendly
      • No duplicate content. Each video is a unique post.
      • More unique posts = more search engine food!
      • Can automatically create new WordPress tags and categories right from the video.
      Complete WordPress Control
      • Automatically creates a post from each video result.
      • Save posts as a specific user or a random user.
      • Supports saving as custom post types.
      • Set post status to draft, pending, private or published.
      • Set post format to standard, video and lots more.
      • Set the post categories, including option to import categories from videos.
      • Option to use video published dates instead of the current date for new posts and comments.
      Seamless Integration
      • Imports embeddable videos as WordPress content so it works with ANY theme.
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