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Журнал по полимерной глине - подписка (English)

Тема в разделе "Хобби и рукоделие", создана пользователем Менеджер, 11 мар 2014.


Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    Участников: 0/100
    1. 11 мар 2014
      Менеджер Организатор Организатор

      Журнал по полимерной глине - подписка (English)

      Журнал ThePolymerArts посвящен идеям и проблемам в мире полимерной глины.
      Как таковых пошаговых руководств по созданию конкретных вещей не содержит.
      Журнал на английском языке.

      Содержание 10 вышедших номеров
      Fall 2011--The Genesis Issue
      -- Fueled by Passion by Barbara McGuire
      -- Controlled Cracking by Sage Bray
      -- Emulating Metalwork by Sage Bray
      -- Choosing Color by Contrast by TPA staff
      -- Artist Profile: Gwen Pina of G.P. Originals
      -- Reviews:
      - The D.R.E.A.M. machine
      - Colour & Clay Shaper Tools
      -- Transitioning Into Wholesale by TPA staff
      -- Creating a Marketing Muse-by Kristin Glenn
      -- Mentor’s Gallery--Christine K. Harris
      -- Mentor’s Gallery--Janet Pitcher
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery--Jill Kollmann
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery--Els Van Haasen
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery--Erin Metcalf
      -- The Inspiration Challenge
      -- Resources List
      -- Muse’s Corner: Cooperation not Competition

      Winter 2011--Education
      -- Filling Up Your Well of Creativity by Christi Friesen
      -- To Measure or Not to Measure by TPA staff
      -- Elabradorite A reflective, layered faux semi-precious stone by Sage Bray
      -- Wax Impression technique: Embossing & faux leading by Sage Bray
      -- Reviews
      - Makin’s® Clay: Is there really such a thing as air-dry Polymer?
      - CaBezels: Playing with cabochon & bezel molds
      -- Keep Artwork from Being a Pain in the Neck by TPA staff
      -- Sharing Our Polymer Passion by Barbara McGuire
      -- Create a Wildly Successful Workshop by TPA staff
      -- Sharing Your Passion for Fun and Profit by TPA staff
      -- Artist Profile: Christine K. Harris; Artist, Teacher, & Therapist
      -- 2011 IPCA Retreat by Susan O’Neill
      -- Mentor’s Gallery--Alice Stroppel
      -- Mentor’s Gallery--Iris Mishly
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery--Christa McKibben
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery--Laurel Steven
      -- Inspiration Challenge Gallery
      -- Resources List
      -- Muse’s Corner--Our Passion to Educate by Ilysa & Kira of Polymer Clay Productions

      Spring 2012--Creative Spaces
      -- Editor’s Worktable: Room for Possibilities
      -- Cool Spaces: A Peek inside the Studios of Christi Friesen, Bettina Welker, Paul & Lianne
      Stoddard of Swirly Designs and Raku Inoue.
      -- Control Your Space: Organizing Your Polymer Studio by Sage Bray
      -- Create with Space: Design Beyond Form by Sage Bray
      -- Community Space: Grateful for Guilds by TPA Staff
      -- Reviews
      - Celtic Caning Kit
      - Artistic Texture Plates
      -- Chopped Translucent Technique by Susan O’Neill
      -- The Plentiful Possibilities of Tactile Texture by TPA staff
      -- Handmade Cosmetic Supplies: A Surprising Tools & Materials Source
      -- Taxes for Artists: Keep more of your hard created cash by Christy Nicholas
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Jon Anderson
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Laura Timmins
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Raku Inoue
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Susan O’Neill
      -- Inspiration Challenge Gallery
      -- Resources
      -- Muse’s Corner: Creative Cyber Space by Jan Geisen & Dr. Mary Kertzman

      Summer 2012-Recycle & Reuse
      -- Editor’s Worktable: Taking Care of our World for Beauty’s Sake
      -- Round Robin-The Creative Side of Organization
      -- Claying it Forward by Ron Lehocky
      -- A Serendipitous Journey: The Stroppel Cane Phenomenon by Alice Stroppel
      -- Polymer to the Rescue by Angeli S. Del Rosario
      -- Polymer Resurrection Workshop by Sage Bray
      -- Distressed Cane Sheet & Beads Technique by Rebecca Watkins
      -- Silk Dyed Polymer Technique by Beth Petricoin
      -- Reviews
      - Swellegant Metal Coatings & Colorants Review by Debbie Crothers
      - CaBezels All-in-One Molds Review by Lisa Rapp
      - Seamless Cutters by Shades of Clay Review by TPA staff
      -- Digital Inspiration & Organization by Jan Geisen
      -- Creating Voila A Visit with Christine Dumont
      -- Clay Carnival Las Vegas A Clayer’s Kind of Party
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Heather Campbell
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Wiwat Kamolpornwijit
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Kathryn Doll
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Angela Garrod
      -- Inspiration Challenge Gallery
      -- Resources
      -- Muse’s Corner: Falling in Love Again by Christa McKibben

      Fall 2012--Rhythm & Flow
      -- Editor’s Worktable: The Rhythm of the Journey
      -- Reader’s Round Robin: A Year of Kind Words
      -- This Issue’s Theme: The Music of Design
      -- Rhythm in Design by Sage Bray
      -- Playing With Repetition by Jainnie Jenkins
      -- Flow: Working in a State of Optimal Exeperience by Penny Vingoe
      -- Rhythm Ruffle technique by Donna Greenberg
      -- Reviews
      - Jet Stamps Product Review
      -- Trendspotting by Sydney Wellman
      -- DIY Photography by Deanna Duncan-Allen
      -- Saving Your Hands Review by Trina Williams
      -- Artist Profile: Maggie Maggio
      -- Worldwide Pasta Machine Survey by Sage Bray
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Doreen Kassel
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Meredith Arnold
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Jan Montarsi
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Chris Kapono
      -- Inspiration Challenge Gallery
      -- Resource Lists
      -- Muse’s Corner: The Turbulence & the Calm by Jill Kollmann

      Winter 2012--Shimmer & Shine
      -- Editor’s Worktable: The Shiny Time
      -- Rings Galore! Four Artist Share their Passion & Tips
      -- Chill Out! Tricks for making ice and snow by Christi Friesen
      -- Creating Polymer Gems by Sage Bray
      -- Exploring Gilder’s Paste by Ellen Prophater
      -- Maximizing Shine, Minimizing Effort Experiments in Sanding & Buffing by Cara Jane Hayman
      -- A Bounty of Shimmer & Shine: Products to bling up your work
      -- Photographing Shiny by Deanna Duncan-Allen
      -- Harnessing the Power of Focal Points by Sage Bray
      -- Color Spotlight: Lindly Haunani: Interview by Maggie Maggio
      -- Trendspotting to Remain Competitive by Sydney Wellman
      -- The Art of Selling at Art & Craft Shows: Tips from “Show Warriors” by Jill Kollmann
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Nicole West
      -- Mentor’s Gallery-Helen Wyland-Malchow
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Anna Mello
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Sherri Kellberg
      -- Resource Lists
      -- Muse’s Corner: A Journey Through Pain and Polymer by Adriana Allen

      Spring 2013--Stories & Symbolism
      -- Editor’s Worktable: The Richness & Power of Stories
      -- The Power of Stories by Linda Garbe
      -- Working with Personal Symbolism by Christine K Harris
      -- Polymer Wall Art by Suzanne Ivester & Alice Stroppel
      -- Back Stories--The Other Side of Polymer Collected by Jan Montarsi
      -- The Possibilities of Layers by Susan O'Neill
      -- Getting That Professional Look Interviews by Paula K Gilbert
      -- Clip Form Jewelry by Sage Bray
      -- Reviews
      - Book: Polymer Clay Bracelets by Bettina Welker
      - Book: Shapes by Helen Breil
      - Product: The Simple Slicer
      -- Polymer in the Pines--Craft Art Schools by Barbara McGuire
      -- Pricing Your Art Work by Christy Nichols
      -- Color Spotlight: Susan Dyer; Interview by Maggie Maggio
      -- Mentor Artist Gallery (with stories!)-Aniko Kolesnikova
      -- Mentor Artist Gallery-Laura Tabakman
      -- Accomplished Artist Gallery-Susan Waddington
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Nevenka Sabo
      -- Resource Lists
      -- Muse’s Corner: The Play of Imagination by Maureen Carlson

      Summer 2013--All Mixed Up
      -- Editor’s Worktable: Our Exploratory Creativity
      -- The Fortuitous & The Planned by Suzanne Ivester & Alice Stroppel
      -- Mixing Talent by Linda Garbe
      -- Experimenting with Inclusions by Marie Young
      -- Mixed-Media Polymer Hats By Karen Mitchell & Ann Mitchell
      -- Covered Objects by Sharon Ohlhorst & TPA staff
      -- Polymer Jeweler's Workbench Make Your Own Wire Findings with Karen Lewis & Dede Leupold
      -- Photo Backgrounds by Deanna Duncan-Allen
      -- The Synergy 3 Report by Sage Bray
      -- Reviews
      - Skulptools Review by Lorie O. Follett
      -- Troubled Shoulders by Trina Williams
      -- Increasing Art Show Sales by Paula Gilbert
      -- In Support of Critique by Patti Underwood & Sherilynn Dunn
      -- Color Spotlight: Sandra McCaw Interview by Maggie Maggio
      -- Mentor Artist Gallery-Laurie Mika
      -- Accomplished Artist Gallery-Nikolina Otrzan
      -- Accomplished Artist Gallery-Kristine Taylor
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery-Roberta Lista
      -- Resource Lists
      -- Muse's Corner: An Artful, Heartful Collaboration by Wendy Moore & Paulette Walthe

      Fall 2013--Organics
      -- Editor’s Worktable: Organic, Natural & Unique
      -- Exploring the Organic In Polymer
      -- Creating Organically: A Journey Through the Creative Process by Anke Humpert
      -- Plein Air Polymer: Taking it Outside by Kate Clawson
      -- The Nature of Inspiration: Lessons from the Broken Telephone Project Project by Dan Cormier
      -- Ravages of Time: Faux Organic Surfaces by Sage Bray
      -- Fundamental Structures: Building Wall Art by Suzanne Ivester & Alice Stroppel
      -- The Jury Is In: Creating Professional Exhibitions by Beth Wegener
      -- Polymer Workshop Teaching Toolkit by Irene Corman
      -- Photographing Fine Art & Craft by Cara Jane Hayman
      -- Book Reviews:
      - Polymer Clay Global Perspectives
      - Polymer Clay Master Class
      -- Color Spotlight: Laurie Mika Interview by Maggie Maggio
      -- Polymer Jeweler’s Workbench: Stringing Like a Pro by Julie L. Cleveland
      -- Mentor Artist Gallery: Kathrin Neumaier
      -- Accomplished Artist Gallery: Christine Damm
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery: Ann Duncan
      -- Resource Lists
      -- Muse’s Corner: In Pursuit of Organic Beauty-The Life & Art of Gwen Gibson by Ronna Sarvas Weltman

      Winter 2013-Impact!
      -- Editor’s Worktable: Influence & Impact
      -- Visual Impact: Mastering Contrast by Nan Josephson
      -- Ancient Impact: Influenced by the Past by Dayle Doroshow
      -- Handmade Impact: Exploring Texture with Pointed Hand Tools by Anke Humpert
      -- Brilliant Impact: This Magical Electroforming by Elena Alyoshina
      -- Singular Impact: Creating Commission Art by Donna Greenberg
      -- Instructive Impact: Maximizing Your Workshop Experience by Beth Wegener
      -- Legal Impact: Running a Trouble-Free Business by Julie L. Cleveland
      -- Why Do You Play with Clay? Discover What Drives You by Sage Bray
      -- Take Control of Your Photos: Mastering Camera Settings by Deanna Duncan-Allen
      -- Review
      - New Fimo Effects Clay
      -- Polymer Jeweler’s Workbench Creative Polymer Clasps by Julie L. Cleveland with Carol Blackburn
      -- Color Spotlight: Wendy Wallin Malinow; Interview by Maggie Maggio
      -- Mentor Artist Gallery: Ana Belchí
      -- Accomplished Artist Gallery: Eva Haskova
      -- Emerging Artist Gallery: María Eva Ramos
      -- Resource Lists
      -- Muse’s Corner: A Cultural Journey by Adriana Ayala
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